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Payment Schedule

Now Accepting Insurance

More insurances coming!

For GYN and Women's Wellness:



Empire Blue Cross

NYSHIP Empire Plan


United Health Care

Excellus BCBS

For Mental Health Services:



Empire Blue Cross

NYSHIP Empire Plan (Carelon)


United Health Care

Excellus BCBS

Our Service Fee Schedule

All fees and copays are due at the time of service.
Payment plans
are available for EmpowerRF treatments only.

Flowers in Pocket

Gynecology Visits

New Patient: $175.00

Established Patient: $150.00

Problem Visit New: $125.00


Problem Visit Established: $75.00 

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Mental Health Visits

New Patient: $ 150.00

Established Patient Therapy: $120.00

Established Medication Management and Therapy: $120.00

Medication Management: $80.00

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Other Services

Morpheus Face and Neck: $1,000.00 per treatment

Morpheus Face:  $750.00 per treatment 

Morpheus Body: $750.00 per treatment area

Morpheus8V: $1,150.00 per treatment 

FormaV: $750.00 per treatment 

VTone: $275.00 per treatment

Tone: $275.00 per treatment

**Free complementary consults**

10% off any bundle of 3 treatments

15% off any bundle of 6 treatments

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Medical Marijuana

New Patient Certification: $200.00

Annual Renewal: $80.00

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